Customer Engagement Scoring

Analyse engagement with Customers to nurture relationships and prioritise follow-ups

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Measure engagement to identify risk and improve forecasting

Ebsta uniquely analyses every email, meeting and call with a customer to produce a dynamic, real-time “Ebsta Score” (ranked between 0-100). The higher the “Ebsta Score”, the greater the level of engagement.

When utilised against Leads, Contacts, Accounts or Opportunities, the “Ebsta Score” helps immediately identify and prioritise individuals with low engagement, reducing the risk of prospects turning cold and customers churning.


Score Customer Engagement with Ebsta Team

Ebsta Team supercharges your email integration with Salesforce by including historical email communications to unlock your company network from email signatures belonging to contacts hidden within your business inboxes. Understand every relationship across your business and score the level of engagement to successfully nurture relationships and prioritise follow-ups. Find out more.

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