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What is Ebsta’s Customer Engagement Score?

Ebsta’s customer engagement score (The Ebsta Score) is a single number that is used to measure how engaged your customers; Opportunities and Prospects are with your team. Ebsta Score is a number between 0-100 the more interactions your company has with a Contact, Opportunity, Case or Lead – the higher their Score.

With the Ebsta Score enabled, each Salesforce record gains a single engagement percentage metric based on multitude of factors including; sent and received communications, the total number and the days since last activity, the activity type, direction, conversation, timing and period of all communications.

The Ebsta score is calculated using Activities (Emails, Calls, Meetings) logged by or related to a user that has a connected mailbox.  These activities are displayed in Ebsta’s Activity View:


activity view salesforce

There are three key areas in which clients use Ebsta’s Customer Engagement Score:

Identification of Risk in Lead Conversion, Sales and Renewals

Engagement alone does not win new business or retain customers. You do however, have an untapped metric that tells you the time-stamped level of engagement for every deal you have ever won or lost. Perhaps unsurprisingly, low engagement or lack of your team being proactive leads to lost deals, churning customers and poor partner relations.

According to a study on Sales behaviour by Sidekick, 80% of sales require 5 follow ups proving that almost nothing gets through with one or two touches. Sustained activity and engagement is key to uncovering the real opportunity.

The Ebsta Score lets you know ahead of time where engagement is low, giving you the best chance to improve your win rate.

Improved Forecasting Accuracy

Ebsta’s Customer Engagement is unique in that it does not only rely on Salesforce activities to render its single engagement percentage metric.

By plotting the Ebsta Score against new Opportunities or customer renewals, you can instantly see which ones have a high level of engagement as well as low engagement deals that are unlikely to close in the stated time period.

scoring dashboard

Improved Relationships

If you have a business where partnerships are key to generating pipeline, you can instantly see how engaged each partner rep is with your team.

This allows you to strategically focus on generating more pipeline though improved focus and better understanding.

Ultimately, Ebsta Score allows for scalable Sales management which allows you to review previous performance and identify risks due to lack of engagement, outliers and Opportunities at risk, so you can allocate the right resources to the right places.

By depending on your data, tracking engaging and identifying risks ahead of time, you can successfully impact your bottom line.


To find out more about how Ebsta can help your company improve forecasting and increase your win rate, please get in touch.

“Ebsta has completely transformed the relevance of our Salesforce data. Our management team now have complete transparency into our global sales activities, allowing us to manage opportunities and pipeline much more effectively”

Yasmin Marco Moreno
Sales Operations Manager, OnApp




‟Ebsta allows us to report on how engaged our consultants are with every client and candidate in Salesforce, allowing for more effective and targeted management of resources.”

Shugo Fujioka, Marketing Director of en world, Japan.


How to Report Using the Ebsta Score

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