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How Journey Improved Customer Insight with Ebsta

With the competition and noise created by sites like TripAdvisor and Trivago, it has become increasingly difficult for hotel brands to differentiate themselves in the hospitality market. Rather than slashing prices and competing in a race to the bottom, leading hotel brands have turned to Journey Digital to help them navigate the digital marketplace, improve natural search rankings and build brand advocacy with their consumers.

Having achieved dominance in the UK and Ireland, Journey now have their sights set on international expansion. We spoke to James Brown, Journey’s Operations Director who is responsible for Salesforce to discuss their plans.

“We have been very lucky to work with some of the best known and loved hotel brands in the UK and Ireland. Our focus on recruiting top hospitality talent has allowed us to stay ahead of the digital curve and form long term partnerships with our clients”.

With an expanding international client base, multiple client touch points in each project and a fast growing team, it was important for Journey to implement a solution that would help fully integrate their email accounts with Salesforce.

“For us, Salesforce is all about visibility,” comments Brown. “All the information about every client and prospect is somewhere; we just wanted it in a central place, rather than it being strewed across multiple emails accounts”.

Journey Digital began using Ebsta’s Essential in early 2015 but Brown’s interest was peaked with the launch of the new edition of Ebsta ten months later.

“Ebsta Essential is a great tool for the end user,” comments Brown. “I can’t, however, rely on my team updating every new contact or lead, every change of telephone number and all email communications, not least because if they did, they wouldn’t have time to do anything else! Since implementing Ebsta Enterprise, we have seen a huge improvement in the way we collaborate as a team. Everyone can now see the full communication trail with clients and all of our business contacts are automatically kept up to date with phone numbers, social links and job titles.”

Now Journey Digital Users can visit any Account, Lead, Contact, Case of Opportunity and see all the emails that have been sent and received in chronological order. Combine this with the missing contact information that Ebsta uncovered, their team now have access to the best quality data when and as they need it.

“Before Ebsta, it was impossible to gain full insight into customers inside Salesforce. It was only when we implemented Ebsta Enterprise that we fully understood the insight that missing email communications could give us and the huge impact they could have across our customer retention and satisfaction. Now, we can build better, long-lasting relationships with customers and ensure higher client retention rates. It is by far the best solution for accurate customer insight”.


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James Brown, Operations Director at Journey Digital


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