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How Ebsta Solved OnApp’s Biggest Salesforce Challenge

Founded in 2010, OnApp have more than 140 staff across offices in the US, UK, Europe and Asia-Pacific, providing Infrastructure-as-a-Service software for hosting companies and Telecommunication providers.

As Head of Sales Operations, Yasmin Marco relies on Salesforce to accelerate sales productivity and close more deals. After 5 successful years using Salesforce, they’re now one of the most popular Cloud Management Platform providers in the world.

With fast growth comes growing pains and Yasmin was tasked with solving the age old Sales CRM challenge.

“We invested in Salesforce because we wanted a flexible database that could store all of our customer information in the Cloud, ready for our Sales team to utilise from anywhere. We’ve now been using Salesforce for 5 years and although it’s proven to be flexible throughout our growth, we began to face substantial challenges with data quality which in turn led to disengaged Sales Reps, working outside of CRM. To once again realise the full potential of Salesforce, we needed to find a solution that maintained the quality of information in Salesforce automatically.

Yasmin began researching a range of solutions to maintain the currency of data inside Salesforce. Intelligent email integration is not where her search began.

“We trialled several ‘data’ solutions before Ebsta but it soon began apparent that these services were built for new business generation and not to provide better insight in to the relationships we hold with existing contacts. It was really by chance that I came across Ebsta, because one of my team used Ebsta’s LinkedIn Integration for Salesforce and received an email about the new edition”

Yasmin began a controlled trial of Ebsta, with one her most disengaged teams of Salesforce Users.

“The impact of Ebsta on my Users was immediate. I asked 5 people to connect their email accounts to the service and within a few minutes’ new sales opportunities were being uncovered. Within a week we had rolled out the trial to everyone in Sales and Customer Success and the value was clear; all of our accounts were up to date with communications, hundreds of missing business contacts could be seen against accounts and our outbound team were now working over a thousand new leads.”

Unlike other Salesforce Email Integrations, Ebsta equips teams with a real-time view of every customer interaction without the need for manual updates.

“Ebsta is so much more than a Salesforce email integration tool. The app has completely transformed the relevance of our Salesforce data and in one swoop solved our Salesforce adoption challenges. Our users love it because there’s no training and it captures all business contacts and email communications in one place. The management team love it because we now have complete transparency into sales activities and we can manage more effectively. Ebsta has to be the number one choice for every organisation using Salesforce.”


About OnApp

OnApp is a hybrid cloud platform providing a complete compute, CDN and storage platform for hosts, telcos and other service providers.


Yasmin Marco Moreno, Sales Operations Manager at OnApp


About Ebsta 


For companies that require accurate customer data to achieve optimal sales performance, Ebsta automates Salesforce updates and provides customer Engagement Scoring for every sales metric.

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