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Customer Story

Ebsta  provides TradeRev with accurate customer data to improve sales performance

In just 7 years, TradeRev has taken the automotive industry by storm, helping car traders maximise the value of part exchange vehicles by auctioning them in real-time whilst their clients test-drive new cars.

With fast growth across America, Canada and now the UK, TradeRev invested in Salesforce to improve revenue, enhance sales productivity and manage their disparate team. Subi Mahan, was the Project Manager tasked with the global Salesforce implementation.

“Our Field Sales Reps spend the majority of their time out of office meaning they spend little or no time with our Area Sales Managers. We originally invested in Salesforce to provide management with the correct data so they can forecast accurately and see potential risks ahead of time but it didn’t work out that way.”

Following TradeRev’s rollout of Salesforce, it soon became apparent that it was almost impossible to get Field Sales Reps to consistently log activities and contacts in Salesforce. Subi decided to search for a solution that could automate Salesforce updates and help Management understand the engagement with every client and prospect.

“Our Sales Managers had no idea what the Reps were working on or what their pipeline looked like which made forecasting difficult. I came across Ebsta and immediately saw the value in having all of our email communications in one place without relying on our Reps.”

After implementing Ebsta, TradeRev noticed an immediate impact on the quality of the data their Sales team had access to.

“After implementing Ebsta, our Reps gained instant insight into what was going on with every Account, without having to waste time filing through emails or contacting colleagues. A key benefit we had not originally foreseen was Ebsta’s ability to find thousands of missing contacts, which increased our marketing database by 44%.”

From a starting point where it was notoriously difficult to get Sales Reps to find value in Salesforce, Ebsta transformed the way in which Reps interacted with CRM.

“One of the biggest game changers for our Sales Team was the Ebsta Alerts, which immediately began uncovering new business opportunities. We work in an industry where there is a lot movement of staff amongst our clients and when each person moves, there is a new opportunity to implement TradeRev in that organization. The notifications that Ebsta provides have created a raft of new sales opportunities and perhaps unsurprisingly we’ve seen a huge increase in Salesforce adoption amongst our Field Sales Reps. Our Sales Managers are now able to accurately track activity levels inside Salesforce and accurately forecast the deals that are likely to close. Ebsta equips them with everything they need to manage the Sales team more effectively.”

In Summary

TradeRev now have a Sales team that are inspired by the quality of the Leads and customer information inside Salesforce and a Management team that have the insight they need to make informed decisions.

With their popularity continuing to soar, and the growth of their Sales team sure to grow, TradeRev can take confidence in the fact that everyone in their Sales operation can focus on closing deals, with the most accurate customer insight and no administrative burden.

“We would highly recommend Ebsta to any organisation that uses Salesforce. It has seamlessly given us the insight and visibility into the day-to-day activities of our Sales team and provided us with new contacts and vast amounts of sales opportunities.

We’ve seen such a huge impact to sales that we’ve rolled it out across our business. All departments across TradeRev love it.”



About TradeRev

With TradeRev anyone can quickly and accurately start an auction from their mobile device. You can receive instant, live bids at appraisal within minutes of receiving the trade-in. Real money in real time!

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About Ebsta


For companies that require accurate customer data to achieve optimal sales performance, Ebsta automates Salesforce updates and provides customer Engagement Scoring for every sales metric.

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