Improve Data Quality In Salesforce

So that every contact, record and relationship reflects your true engagement with customers.


Surface The Revenue Gaps

Salesforce is only as powerful as the data that feeds it. Ensure it has a whole, healthy and continuous diet that looks after itself with Ebsta.


Automate Data Capture In Salesforce

People are the biggest cause of data inaccuracy. 

Relying on your reps to update and enrich Salesforce takes them away from 12 hours of individual sales activity each week and exposes your business to human error. 

Ebsta automatically enriches Salesforce with missing, incomplete and outdated information and seamlessly connects the gaps so that reps don’t have to. Every email, calendar and contact are effortlessly moved to where it needs to be in Salesforce.

It identifies every change as it happens, crawls every historic engagement and ensures the reality outside of Salesforce matches the information inside.

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A 360° Advantage With Every Customer

There are no neutral engagements with a customer. Every touch-point with a customer holds an insight that can inform your organization on how to improve the sales experience. 

By digesting every email signature and legacy interaction across your inbox we seamlessly keep the records and contacts in Salesforce entirely accurate.

Businesses can connect their mailboxes and immediately have complete visibility of their business network and historic engagements – including those that exist in Salesforce and those that don’t.

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Information Exactly Where You Need It

The faster you have the information in Salesforce the faster you can deliver customer insights to where they can be actioned.

It means your business can capitalize on time-sensitive leads, opportunities, key accounts, and move before your customers do.

Ebsta Inbox also provides a suite of high-velocity sales tools that empowers reps to work directly from their Inbox and where they actually engage with customers.

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Better Inputs Create Better Outputs

Better data in Salesforce leads to better insights and actions coming out. 

With all the information in Salesforce your business can reverse engineer the actions to revenue and make real-time decisions backed by evidence to improve every engagement.

You can identify the revenue that won’t materialize and make sure you’re pulling the levers that impact revenue this quarter.

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