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The Power of Email Signatures

Oliver Squires talks through the importance of email signatures and how they can impact a business. He covers unlocking the wealth of knowledge and data behind email signature.



Hi there Guys! Oliver from Ebsta here, and I just wanted to very quickly talk to you about email signatures and the power of email signatures. Think about it,  your email signatures has growth of knowledge in data. As you know, there’s your job title, there’s phone numbers, there’s cell phone numbers, there’s also links to social profiles. The beauty of the email signature is that it’s good clean qualified data. The problem is all that data is sitting in your employees, or your colleagues email accounts, what we do in business is we typically rely on Sales Reps or Customer Service Reps or whoever maybe within your business to receive an email from a customer, from a prospect, and recognise that there’s something new something’s changed when comparing the data on email signatures with what’s on your CRM system. 

Let’s be honest with each other, alright? If I received an email and I recognise ah, there’s a cellphone number on there I am going to use that to update Salesforce?

I probably not, I’m very busy, in and out of meetings. Taking telephone calls, making these videos. It’s not gonna happen, but that doesn’t benefit my wider organisation in any way shape or form that data is lost and trapped inside my inbox. Email signature data is wonderfully valuable if it is centralised and retained within Salesforce. You can use that to consistently keep existing Salesforce records up-to-date that’s one of the things we like to try and resolve here at Ebsta.

What we do, by connecting up mailboxes from all platforms, our Ebsta platform will process all the emails that hit your team’s inboxes; cross-reference the data and email  signatures with existing contacts that are on Salesforce and make changes, amendments, or updates.
So now, what you’re doing is utilising all that siloed data and all the different mailboxes in your business to keep your core system a wonderful and powerful asset consistently up-to-date with no requirements from the user to do anything.

Just to give you a quick example of that, I’m looking at an account record here via the Ebsta Salesforce page, I’ve got a complete overview of all the business relationships that I have, relating to
this particular account with my demo services and all of this data here, first name, last name, job title, email address, links
to social profiles. This is all data that’s sitting in my inbox in this example; Luna Morphis’s email signature. Ebsta has now automatically created that contact record for me, so that everybody within my business can then utilise that information to drive my Business processes.

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