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Automatic Open and Link Email Tracking

See when your emails are read, ignored or simply buried deep in a full inbox and never opened. All link clicks are automatically tracked too.


Smart Desktop Notifications

Get notified when someone opens your email or clicks on your email links and see where, when, and on what device your email was opened.


Email Tracking Analytics

Diagnose poor performing email templates, gain real-time data on engagement with your outbound emails and understand what email templates/timings produce the best results.

How Ebsta Email Tracking Works

Ebsta’s Email Tracking works in exactly the same way as popular email newsletter services like Mailchimp, Pardot and Hubspot. When you send an email, Ebsta automatically inserts a tracking pixel into your message. When the recipient opens your email, their email application loads the pixel image from our server. When this happens, we are able to pick up the time, location, and device the email is opened on.

Unlike other Email Tracking tools for Salesforce, we also automatically track any link clicks contained in your email – so you don’t need to get slowed down by manually inserting links to track, every time you send an email.

You’re a simple install away from having the ability to track email opens and clicks in Gmail.


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