An engagement score for every relationship

Engage with the right individuals and identify your next steps to increasing revenue


The way we sell has changed, but the most important part of every sales decision is still the relationship you hold with your customer.

Activity alone is not an accurate indication of how healthy your sales pipeline is. You need company-wide visibility of how engaged those customers are.  

Ebsta provides the insights to craft personalized, contextual and meaningful experiences that consistently deliver the right activity, at the right time, to the right people.


A 360° view of every customer

Having full visibility and context of every relationship your organization holds with a customer indicates who’s the best to warm an introduction or negotiate a sale forward.

Immediately visible in Salesforce, it serves as a live barometer of every opportunity, account and the activity that is most likely to move each sale forward.

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More than activity

Each interaction can teach us how to improve the sales experience. Ebsta crunches every email, calendar and call and automatically measures the strength of that engagement against every lead, contact, account, opportunity and custom object. 

Our score then adds a much-needed degree of reporting and context to Salesforce so that you can understand how you’re engaging with customers.

Ebsta looks beyond your last activity to catalogue the type of activity, with who and how it was received. 

Improve your data quality

Increase volume, value and velocity

A live engagement score provides you with the speed and awareness to move the levers on revenue today. 

Reveal which opportunities are ready to close and which accounts are showing warning signs from poor engagement. 

Direct your reps after the right decision-makers and focus them on the right activity with the insights into the opportunities they should be prioritizing.

Intervene before revenue disappears from a cold lead, overlooked opportunity, wrong decision-maker or unhappy customers.

Deeper meaning with every report

Leverage the conclusions of every closed opportunity with Ebsta to map the smartest and fastest steps forward to increase revenue.

By deconstructing the activity and engagement behind your closed opportunities you can map the successful actions with the right people forward.

Identify the relationships you should be engaging with, at what stage and the actions that historically turn them into lifetime customers.

Add the Ebsta Engagement Score to every dashboard and forecast for a deeper, smarter and more meaningful report.

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Multi-threaded sales cycles

With multiple decision-makers involved in every successful sale cycle, it’s vital to avoid hinging your revenue on a single rep or relationship.

Failing to build a strong relationship with all the decision-makers involved in a buying group undermines the ability to successfully close that deal.

Relying on a single rep to own those relationships also opens your revenue up to churn risks and breakdowns in their communications.

Our relationship intelligence platform brings complete visibility of those relationships, your engagement with them and reveals the stakeholders you should be engaging with.

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