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Eliminating the data accuracy issues in your CRM

Automatically capture data

Ebsta’s market leading data capture platform maintains Salesforce record accuracy providing:

  • 100% contacts and leads captured
  • Compliance
  • Accurate reporting
  • Ancillary application effectiveness
  • Increased user adoption
  • Increased revenue


Get total visibility of contacts in your inbox within Salesforce

Data Accuracy

Between 40-60% of the contacts your organization interacts with remain locked away in mailboxes and never make it onto Salesforce. Coupled with the 30% annual decay of CRM record accuracy it is critical to have a data accuracy strategy.

Ebsta monitors the mailboxes of the users and builds a true representation of every individual communicated with across the business and understands the relationships building your own company network like an internal Linkedin.

This is then automatically compared with Salesforce highlighting all the missing and out of date contacts and leads which can then be updated or automatically displayed within your core system finally providing the data accuracy required.

Automatically link Salesforce with your calendar

The benefits of data accuracy

With all the contacts and leads in Salesforce maintained with accurate contact details you can finally unlock the power of Salesforce. The applications that rely on Salesforce now have the data they require to work. Reporting applications have all the metrics they need to deliver valuable insights, call completion rates increase, marketing efforts have a broader reach… and much more…

Ensure you have accurate data in Salesforce with Ebsta

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