Email Automation Tools

Capture email activity & events in Salesforce

Join thousands of Reps that leverage Ebsta to seamlessly connect their emails to Salesforce.

Capture 100% of your email activity and events and have them automatically matched against Contact, Leads and accounts

Match every inbound and outbound opportunity against the appropriate Object in Salesforce without any heavy lifting.

Our Lightning Add function allows users to effortlessly add emails to matching Salesforce records at the click of a button.

With Advanced Add, users can choose which Salesforce record to relate an email to, add it to multiple Salesforce records in one go, add attachments and customize how the email is added as a Task (e.g. update custom fields or set Task Type).

Our advanced settings also allows users to equip Administrators with centralized control to determine how emails are matched, what task fields are updated and implement any blacklisting for specific email addresses or domains.

Build intelligent relationships with smart integrations

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