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Market-leading relationship intelligence and sales enablement solutions to improve Salesforce data quality and boost the customer experience.

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360° customer view

Ebsta automatically enriches Salesforce with every contact, every activity and up-to-date contact information from its analysis of mailboxes and calendars across your company.

This information is then made available to Reps as they browse leads, contacts, accounts, opportunities or contacts to provide an accurate 360° into every engagement with a particular record.

Insights into communication drives effective collaboration and helps Reps to deliver a more personal customer experience.

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Improve Salesforce data quality

Ebsta analyzes every email signature each day to identify the most up-to-date contact information.

Every missing contact or lead record, up-to-date phone number, job title or social profile is automatically updated in Salesforce. Reps can also be alerted when a contact is currently out-of-the-office or has left the business to proactively follow-up with accounts and develop new relationships.

Collaborate on sales and customer accounts

Ebsta improves the effectiveness of ABS and ABM by automatically identifying the best relationships at each customer account.

Reps can collaborate with their colleagues to identify the best introductions and build on previous discussions with access to the 360° activity view.

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Make data-driven decisions with Engagement Scoring

Ebsta measures the level of engagement with each lead and contact in Salesforce to provide management with real-time insight into where Reps are spending their time and proactively identify leads, opportunities and customer accounts that are being neglected.

Power of Salesforce in your Inbox

Ebsta’s leading Gmail and Outlook plugins provide Reps with visibility of vital Salesforce information as they interact with prospects and customers from within their Inbox.


Reps can view, edit and update related Salesforce records directly from within their Inbox and access a suite of sales enablement features to drive adoption and boost their productivity. Features like email tracking, access to Salesforce templates, meeting scheduling and automated cadences allow them to streamline processes and prioritise activities that deliver the best results.

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