Install the Managed Package
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Installing Ebsta Salesforce Managed Package

Note: You need to be a Salesforce Administrator to install and connect Ebsta to your Salesforce account.

Otherwise book a demo with our team

Click on the button to be taken to new window:

Install into Salesforce
Managed Package Administrator Install
Team and Enterprise Editions

You will be presented with the standard installation screen:

Standard Installation Screen

Check Install for all Users and then click Install.

Check All Users Box

Approve Third-Party Access by checking Yes, grant access to third-party web sites, then click Continue.

Approve Ebsta Connection

Wait for the install to complete.

Wait for installation to complete

Once the installation is complete, check the I agree to the Ebsta terms and conditions box and click Connect Ebsta to Salesforce.

Grab a Demo and lets us also help you get the best features from the product demo with our team