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Integrate Email and Calendars with Salesforce

Ebsta delivers server level tools that work with every email provider and client that allows users to send and receive emails on any device, use their preferred calendar without worrying about manually adding emails to Salesforce or manually synchronising new and changing meeting events.

Calendar Sync

Ebsta’s leading calendar sync engine provides all the configuration necessary to synchronise new and updated events between your Google, Outlook or Office 365 calendar and Salesforce calendar regardless of device being used.

Handling time zones, recurring events, modified events, event deletion, single or bi-directional across personal or shared calendars Ebsta ensures that users always see the right events in the right places.

Email Sync

Ebsta provides both admin level and user level tools to ensure that all business emails that should be in Salesforce are related to the right object.

Regardless of the device used to send or receive emails Ebsta with Ebsta email sync and the advanced matching options available all or select emails can be synchronised against the right object in Salesforce without the need for user interaction.

Salesforce space a consideration?

Not a problem. Ebsta provides a full email sync solution where synchronised emails can be stored in Ebsta and made visible in Salesforce using none of your valuable space. It is also much simpler and quicker to digest email content. See our unified view below

Unified View

Ebsta can display a single customer view of all communications held with a specific lead, contact, account (or custom object) across a user, team or company making teams better informed and more efficient.


Stay In Complete Control

Privacy Controls allow you to define exactly which emails and events are synchronised and who gets visibility of them. Blacklisting, whitelisting, search rules, matching rules can all be configured before the synchronisation process is started.

Added Benefits

With all your communications now synchronised Ebsta can now be used to automatically mine the latest contact details from them leading to better data, adoption, compliance and reporting.

If you want to know more about the benefits of our email and calendar sync please get in touch.


Integrate Email and Calendars with Salesforce

Keep Salesforce up to date

Automate sales engagement

Real activity reporting

Make Salesforce GDPR ready

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