Ebsta for Legal

Market-leading relationship intelligence and sales enablement solutions to improve Salesforce data quality and boost engagement with Matters.

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Automating manual data entry

Ebsta provides a suite of intelligent integrations with Gmail and Outlook to automatically capture every email and calendar event into Salesforce.

Ebsta also identifies information from email signatures to enrich Salesforce with new contacts or leads and up-to-date contact details, whether it be a phone number, job title or notification that someone is out-of-the-office or has left the business.

Automatically log emails to Matters in Salesforce

Ebsta’s advanced email mapping configurations ensures every sent and received email can be automatically recorded against the correct Matter or custom object in Salesforce without any user interaction.

Build and maintain strong relationships

Gain a 360° view of every interaction with leads and contacts in Salesforce and leverage the best relationships in Salesforce for improved collaboration across departments.


Make data-driven decisions with Engagement Scoring

Ebsta measures the level of engagement with each lead and contact in Salesforce to provide management with real-time insight into where Reps are spending their time and proactively identify leads, opportunities and customer accounts that are being neglected.

Power of Salesforce in your Inbox

Ebsta’s leading Gmail and Outlook plugins provide Reps with visibility of vital Salesforce information as they interact with leads and contacts in Salesforce.

Reps can view, edit and update related Matter object to ensure they’ve got all the information they need before responding to a contact.

Email tracking, access to Salesforce templates, meeting scheduling and automated cadences also makes Reps far more productive in reaching out to contacts and managing multiple relationships simultaneously.


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