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Automating manual data entry

Ebsta provides a set of automation tools to ensure that all communications across your business are automatically logged correctly against the correct legal matter record in Salesforce to provide;

  • Automation of 90% manual data entry
  • Compliance
  • Cost saving
The salesforce automation tool - Ebsta

Automatically log emails to matters

Whether you use an off the shelf matter object in Salesforce or your own custom implementation Ebsta has advanced configuration parameters to ensure that all sent and received emails are automatically captured against the correct legal matter in Salesforce without any user interaction


Collaborate with teams by sharing inbox data in Salesforce

360° matter view

Get a complete view of all communications related to the matter, account or contact being viewed in Salesforce increasing data sharing and efficiency.

Sync your emails for a comprehensive Salesforce view

Review matters from your inbox

Ebsta provides a window into Salesforce directly from your inbox. When viewing an email Ebsta will automatically display the relevant record in Salesforce enabling 360 view of matter information from the inbox and simple data capture.

Create workflows with email, tasks and events with Ebsta

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Push emails from your inbox into Salesforce with Ebsta

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