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The No. 1 app for integrating Salesforce with LinkedIn

Hear why Bett’s Recruiting love our LinkedIn Integration for Salesforce

LinkedIn Salesforce Integration Features

Ebsta is so simple to use, it’s child’s play


It’s simple

LinkedIn is often the best place to research and connect with leads and contacts. Ebsta enables you to view or edit existing Salesforce records without leaving LinkedIn. It’s like a pocket sized SFDC inside every LinkedIn profile you visit.


It’s relational

Ebsta automatically cross-references Salesforce based on the LinkedIn profile you’re looking at online and gives you 1-click access to that record in Salesforce.


It’s clever

Ebsta’s LinkedIn integration for Salesforce makes it easy to Log Calls, Activities and Opportunities without switching screens.


Easily customizable

Custom fields, Custom objects, Record Types? Fine. You can display any field or record in the Ebsta window. It’s the stuff of Salesforce Admin dreams.

LinkedIn and Salesforce users love Ebsta

We think you will too


No more wasting of time between Linkedin and your Salesforce…

Mauro Buzali

Xertive Media


As a really new Salesforce user, I have had my moments of being overwhelmed. But the Ebsta app has simplified my life so much! Being able to simply click the Lightening Add button in a Gmail message and have it added to the Salesforce contact is sheer brilliance. And the handiest feature is being able to highlight the name in a LinkedIn profile and check to see if I have the person already in Salesforce, and if not, add them immediately, RIGHT FROM THE LINKEDIN PAGE, just blows my mind.

Drew Carey



Ebsta is a great tool for anyone that uses LinkedIn for prospecting. Really cut down on the time necessary with checking if companies are already in the system. I was totally happy with them and now they’ve added even more features! Their Gmail and Salesforce integrations are so helpful with recording emails and editing leads without even needing to go back into SF. A must have for everyone that wants an efficient sales process and uses LinkedIn, Gmail, or Salesforce. :)

Sebastien van Heyningen, Namely