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Managed Package for Salesforce


Salesforce Email Sync

See all emails from your team against the relevant Salesforce object without the need for user interaction. With Ebsta’s Salesforce Email Sync you can see every sent & received email with attachments inside Salesforce, no matter what. Further more this can be delivered without taking up any Salesforce storage. (Team & Enterprise Edition)

Unified Customer View

View every email, meeting, phone and other activity inside Salesforce against the record you are looking at. With Ebsta’s Unified View you can quickly digest and understand all relevant activity against a record across your entire organisation, even if they don’t have a Salesforce license (with full privacy control). (Team & Enterprise Edition)



Salesforce Calendar Sync

Ebsta’s Salesforce Calendar Sync synchronizes your Salesforce calendar with your Gmail, Office 365 or Outlook calendar. This highly intelligent calendar sync allows control of direction, supports all timezones, shared calendars, recurring events across multiple calendars. (Team & Enterprise Edition)

Email Mining to Discover Leads

Capture and keep up to date every human your organization has interacted with. Our Email Mining tool scans all email signatures extracting leads and contacts keeping existing records up to date and highlighting missing records. (Enterprise Edition)


Intelligent Data Alerts

Intelligent Data Alerts inform you when your usual contact is away or has left the business and highlights who to contact in their absence. Discover which team member has the strongest relationships with each prospect and account for leveraging new new opportunities. (Enterprise Edition)

Customer Engagement Scoring

Ebsta automatically scores interactions between you and your customers, prospects and leads. Ebsta’s Engagement Scoring highlights opportunities and customers at risk, provides accurate forecasting and improves your win rate without relying on users logging activities. (Enterprise Edition)


Historic Data Sync

Synchronize historic emails to ensure to maximise data capture. With our Historic Data tool you will eliminate any missing data and unlock all business contacts of the past and ensure that when a user leaves they do not take all their contacts with them. (Team & Enterprise Edition)

Email Privacy Control

Leverage strong controls with Ebsta’s Email Privacy Control , over emails and activities logged and displayed to all users and teams across your organization. Blacklisting, whitelisting, search and display settings along with administrative and user level privacy controls ensure that only the right information is processed and viewed by the right people.
(Team & Enterprise Edition)



Ebsta has saved me hours and hours of logging data in Salesforce. It used to be a huge chore for me as a sales person. I’ve now introduced it to our whole team and our records are better than ever. Our team uses gmail and we used the bcc to Salesforce in the past. But it was wildly inaccurate. With Ebsta, record attribution is flawless.

Nina Carduner – Senior Business Development at Tango Card Inc.


You know how 30% of your CRM data becomes incorrect every year? Ebsta ensures your data is always up to date. It knows when leads/contacts aren’t yet added, or when lead/contact information changes over time (eg: job title, phone number), and it doesn’t rely on the individual salesperson or customer success rep to keep it updated. It’s a classic case of automation resulting in a data quality win.

Dan McGuire, CEO at Cube 19

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