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Eliminate Data Entry

Ebsta’s automated Salesforce Activity Logging gives you and your team access to every email and meeting inside Salesforce, no matter what.

Gleefully sit back and enjoy seeing every customer interaction against every Account and Opportunity and never get frustrated by missing activities again (it works with all other Salesforce objects too).

Ebsta doesn’t pollute Salesforce with unresolved items or use up Salesforce data storage limits.


Coming Soon: Keep All Your Meetings in Sync

Seamlessly keep your calendars in sync, regardless of whether you are working in Outlook or Salesforce. Ebsta supports multiple calendars, time zones, meeting updates, recurring events and deleted events out of the box.

Mine Emails To Discover Missing Contacts and Leads

Around 50% of the contacts your team work with do not get added to Salesforce. In addition, Out of Office and automatic replies contain valuable information to fuel your Sales and marketing database.

Ebsta’s Contact and Lead Discovery mines email replies to ensure missing Contacts and high quality Leads are available in Salesforce.

Gain access to the most up-to-date contact information, segment with the most accurate job titles and generate high quality leads to add to your campaigns.



Total Control Over Privacy

Ebsta allows you to control what emails, attachments and contacts can be seen by individuals, teams or roles. After all, we’re here to make your life easier; not to share information you don’t want to.

Engagement Scoring, with No Reliance on Data Entry.

Analysing data from emails, meetings, phone calls and Salesforce, Ebsta provides you with a real-time engagement score against every Prospect, Opportunity and Customer.

Known as the Ebsta Score, the data point can help you analyse business unit performance, identify deals at risk, improve customer retention and track team performance levels – all based on your teams engagement level with customers and prospects.

Find out more about Ebsta’s Customer Engagement Scoring


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Automatic Activity Logging

Contact and Lead Discovery

Complete Control Over Privacy



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Everything in Team plus:

The Ebsta Score™

Email Attachments

Bulk Data Export

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