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Ebsta Partnerships

We know that different businesses want to run partnerships differently. We offer a range of partnership models depending on your preferences.

1. Learn about Ebsta so you can recommend our solution to relevant clients

We get that some of you are proud of your independence – and want to be able to provide your clients with the most relevant solution for their needs. We’re happy to provide you with demo orgs and educate you on the benefits of Ebsta, and why we’re the no. 1 email integration tool on the AppExchange. This enables you to offer the best advice to your clients with no concerns over personal motives.

2. Get deals for your customers

We offer exclusive discounts for partners and their clients. You can assure your customers that they’ll get the best deal through you.

3. Receive compensation

Want to see a direct benefit? Receive compensation on each deal you bring us.

4. Take a combination!

Combine a medley of customer discounts with compensation to yourself or your business – everyone benefits!

5. Engage in co-marketing

If you believe that your business and Ebsta share a market and could benefit from some collaborative activities, we can co-run events and share audiences for win-win marketing efforts.

Next Steps

Reach out to our Partner Team by filling out the form and they will set up a call to discuss your preferences. From there, we can establish terms and agreements – which can be as formal or informal as you like.

We hope to hear from you soon!

The Ebsta Team