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How can Ebsta empower your teams


Sales Execs

Eliminate manual data entry and rapidly boost productivity

  • Save time by capturing 100% emails and meetings
  • Nurture prospects through automated and personalized cadences
  • Work in Salesforce, your Inbox or across the web

“Ebsta empowers SDRs to spend more time prospecting and identifying who I should be following-up with next. Better still, all the information I need about a prospect is at my fingertips, wherever I’m working, whether it’s in Salesforce, my Inbox or on the web.”

Ebsta provides SDRs with the tools you need to hit your targets. Spend your time engaging with more prospects, building pipeline and automatically prioritising follow-ups.

Sales reps utilising Ebsta

Account Execs

Close more deals, faster

  • Spend up to 20% more time focused on selling
  • Close more deals by identifying at-risk opportunities ahead of time
  • Prioritise follow-ups with the most engaged prospects

“There’s always a lot to consider as an AE when managing multiple sales processes. It’s important to know that you’re not missing anything and spending your time most efficiently on the right things. Ebsta saves me hours a week by automatically keeping Salesforce 100% up-to-date and providing tools in my Inbox to automate follow-ups and easily schedule meetings. I especially like being able to track my engagement levels with all my opportunities ensuring no one gets left behind.”

With Ebsta, AEs spend more time on more opportunities, rather than being burdened with manual data entry. Ebsta helps AEs nurture more prospects, prioritise follow-ups and identify opportunities at-risk because of low engagement.

Ebsta for closing reps, software for sales optimisation

Sales Management

Boost the performance of every team member

  • Track team activity and performance with 100% accurate data
  • Build campaigns that align with messaging for your team
  • Improve forecasting by identifying at-risk opportunities

“Sales management is all about monitoring the pipeline, focusing on improving conversions and identifying ways to increase productivity. Ebsta has had an immediate impact, seeing a 27% increase in closed won opportunities in the first 90 days.”

Ebsta provides total visibility into your team’s activities, their level of engagement with each prospect and the performance of every message they send out, helping with training requirement identification and improving conversion ratios.


Sales Operations

Drive and scale sales excellence

  • Increase adoption with 100% data capture
  • Report on engagement and SDR activity in Salesforce
  • Configure Ebsta to ensure SDRs follow consistent Salesforce processes

“Our processes have become so much smoother as everyone has access to all correspondence with customers (sales, finance and the tech team)… making our sales team far more productive.”

Ebsta captures every customer interaction (scoring the level of engagement) and gives SDRs tools to nurture and engage more prospects. You’re able to fine-tune Ebsta’s integration with Salesforce to ensure your sales team adhere to your defined processes and you get the right data.

Sales Operations using Ebsta

Customer Success

Boost adoption, retention and expansion

  • Improve the level of communication to customers with personalized cadences
  • Get insight into every interaction with a customer across the whole company
  • Boost retention by prioritising at-risk customers

“Ebsta saves the customer success team a huge amount of time and improves our level of engagement. We now get total visibility into every customer interaction, and so don’t have to chase other departments for updates. We also love being able to follow-up with more customers and immediately identify those that need our attention the most.”

It’s more important than ever before to provide an exceptional customer experience to retain and expand your accounts. Ebsta helps you hit your targets by seamlessly personalising every interaction with your customer and ensuring effective collaboration across departments throughout their lifecycle with you.

customer success using Ebsta for support


Streamline marketing, sales and customer success

  • Capture 100% of business contacts hidden within employee mailboxes
  • Track engagement with marketing leads through to close
  • Nurture prospects and customers through personalized templates and cadences

Campaign membership is now full and we’re now able to develop deeper, more meaningful relationships. Ebsta gives us better insight into our prospects and customers because we now understand who knows who across the business and can send personalized follow-ups at the right time.”

Create a seamless customer experience across marketing, sales and customer success by tailoring every interaction. Ebsta records every activity and scores your level of engagement so you’re able to ensure every marketing lead is followed-up with and managed through to close.

marketing using Ebsta for optimisation

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