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Ebsta NPO Plans

Our NPO customers receive a discount of 25% across all pricing plans. Terms and conditions apply.
Please apply for NPO status below.

Qualification Criteria

Organizations That Do Qualify

To be eligible to apply for an Ebsta Non-Profit account, your organization must be recognized as a charitable, nonprofit, higher education institution or nongovernmental organization in the country where you are located.

Organizations that have received the 501c3 designation from the Internal Revenue Service are also eligible.

Other terms and conditions

Your organization must purchase a minimum of 3 licences to be eligible for the 25% NPO discount.

Organizations That Do Not Qualify

State and Local Organizations do not qualify for a Non-Profit account.These organizations include but are not limited to, State and Local government agencies, government owned/funded health care organizations, public K-12 schools and school districts, economic development organizations, and Chambers of Commerce (excluding Foundations).

Hospitals (with exception to University branded hospitals) and Healthcare systems providing patient care are also ineligible.