Bringing Revenue Intelligence to Salesforce

Have you ever tried to build furniture without the instructions? You can follow your gut and may end up with a completed project – but there will always be a few screws left over.

Your sales team can feel like that too. Their CRM may show them the parts – but without the data and understanding they need to close, it’s inevitable that deals will be left on the table.

Revenue intelligence can be your sales team’s instructions. 

It shows them how all the pieces of customer information fit together. How does it do this? By collecting and analyzing sales data to show past performance, present trends and future opportunities.

Revenue intelligence helps you to:

  • Close more deals faster
  • Spot risk in your pipeline
  • Consistently meet and beat your quota

With our newest release, you can get revenue intelligence delivered straight to your Salesforce account. 

CRMs revolutionized how you interact and do business with your customers. However, over the years they haven’t reached their potential. Sales reps hate having to enter and update customer data, opportunities, and forecasts therefore – they don’t. This makes it increasingly difficult to extract value. Luckily, revenue intelligence can bridge the gap from data to actionable insight.

But do you really have time to add another tool to your already bursting tool kit? Another log in, another platform and possibly another headache?

Ebsta is the only revenue intelligence platform that brings the data to you so that you can drive predictable revenue growth – without ever leaving your CRM.

Sounds good? That’s because it is.

Get a Demo today

See how Ebsta in Salesforce can help you

Close more deals with complete visibility of your pipeline with Pipeline Insights as well as access to exclusive metrics like Deal Score & Relationship Score. These metrics give you a data-driven view of opportunities.

Spot risk in your pipeline with our Horizon Chart. This shows opps that are approaching their close date graphed against their Relationship Score so you can focus your reps on these more important deals.

Forecast with confidence with the insights you need in Forecasting. This shows you key metrics such as accuracy of previous forecasts, current & required pipeline coverage. This means no more gut feel forecasts, just real-time data turned into actionable insights to help you address the root cause of the issue.

All from within Salesforce.

What is more, you will now be able to submit your forecast with Ebsta, creating a frictionless experience for you and your team. This means you can review pipeline, inspect opportunities and submit  forecasts with confidence – without ever leaving Salesforce. 

It is this data-first approach to sales that will improve your ability to meet your monthly and quarterly targets.

Ebsta helps you identify the most insightful metrics such as:

  • Deal Score – A predictive metric that shows the genuine likelihood of a deal closing, allowing you to make data driven forecast calls
  • Relationship Score – See the strength of your relationships with an account, opportunity or contact. This helps you understand how effective all activity with customers and prospects really is. Enabling your team to identify risk and prioritize the correct actions so opportunities are not lost
  • Positive & Negative factors – These factors reveal how a deal is progressing and provide insight into what is going well, and where improvements are needed

and much more.

It’s these insights that give your sales team the actionable insights they need to close deals.

Ebsta can ensure smooth sailing for opportunities in three ways:

  1. Ensuring all account, contact, and opportunity information is always up to date and accurate
  2. Giving actionable insight and a level of understanding that would be impossible with just a CRM
  3. All of these insights delivered straight to your Salesforce dashboards – turning it from a system of record into a system of actionable insight

So whether you are reviewing pipeline ahead of a 1:1 pipeline review or preparing for your QBR – Ebsta gives you the data you need.

One of the key strengths of Ebsta is that it provides insight to all members of your team – from CRO to Sales Rep. This allows everyone to extract the same level of insight and data into their opportunities and increase their chance of success.

Ebsta in Salesforce is available to Ultimate customers today.

To begin empowering your reps (if you are not already using Ebsta), book a Demo today.

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