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Bringing Ebsta’s Insights into your Salesforce Org

Ebsta is delighted to announce the next step in powering your CRM with revenue intelligence, with our improved Visualforce User Interface (UI) and bringing Ebsta’s Insights into your Salesforce dashboards.

As tech stacks get more complex, we want to make your life easier. Starting next week, Ebsta will begin powering Salesforce dashboards with Ebsta’s Insights (Ultimate subscribers only).

A rep logs into their CRM every single day and now with this update they will be able to view Ebsta insights from within. This will give them the visibility they need to improve forecasting accuracy, identify pipeline at risk, enhance relationships and increase sales performance.

Our mission is to help businesses to prioritize the relationships which are most likely to drive revenue growth. 

This means engagement scoring trends, relationships maps and contact information (Ebsta’s Account Insights) available directly in Salesforce using a Lightning Web Component.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be introducing more of Ebsta’s Insights to prioritize opportunities at risk, see forecasting trends, and much more.

In addition, we are making a few updates to the user interface of Ebsta within Salesforce.

Every column, every row and every filter remains the same, however, we are delivering a number of UI changes to enhance your experience: 

  • Contrasting colors to highlight key information
  • Iconography to convey information at a glance
  • Coming soon: Ebsta Insights sync directly into your Salesforce org

Please note: The UI will update automatically, so there’s nothing you need to do to see the change.

With this increased visibility enabled by these updates, reps will be able to extract insight and data into their opportunities to improve their forecasting accuracy and increase their chances of success.

Our new UI update to Ebsta in Salesforce is available to customers with the following subscriptions;

  • Standard
  • Professional
  • Ultimate

Ebsta Insights in custom Salesforce dashboards are available to customers with the following subscriptions;

  • Ultimate

To begin empowering your reps (if you are not already using Ebsta) then get connected today.

Speak with our experts and see how Ebsta will help improve your sales

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