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Smart Salesforce Calendar Sync you can rely on.

calendar sync

Ebsta’s Salesforce Calendar Sync ensures that whenever events are added or edited in Salesforce or Google Calendar, the changes are reflected across both platforms. It uses a powerful engine to manage time zones, recurring events, updated and deleted events and more.

Sync your Google Calendar and Salesforce to:

  • Maintain all events, meetings and recurring events in a single up-to-date calendar
  • Track all meetings and events in Salesforce
  • Access your full calendar on any device


Install from the Salesforce AppExchange →

The best Google Calendar Sync for Salesforce

You’re a simple install away from having a powerful Calendar Sync facility inside Gmail. Once installed, you can select which calendars you want to sync from Google Calendar to Salesforce and vice versa. Unlike other Calendar Sync tools for Salesforce, Ebsta can manage multiple calendars syncing, time zones, recurring events, updating and deleting events and more.

Supported plans: Essential +
Supported platforms: Gmail/Salesforce