Email Sync

Eliminate the tedious task of syncing every email into Salesforce.
Ebsta syncs your email data to Salesforce without any manual
entry, ensuring that every inbound and outbound email is
automatically matched to the appropriate Object in Salesforce.
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Lightning Add

Avoid logging into Salesforce every time and capture 100% of your email activity and have them automatically matched against Contact, Leads and Accounts.

Ebsta’s Lightning Add function allows users to effortlessly add emails to matching Salesforce records at the click of a button.


Advanced Add

Choose which Salesforce record to relate an email to, add it to multiple Salesforce records in one go, add attachments and customize how the email is added as a Task (e.g. update custom fields or set Task Type).

Native/Automatic Sync

Advanced Settings gives Administrators centralised control to determine how emails are matched, what Task fields are updated and implement any blacklisting for specific email addresses or domains.

“When you are busy at work and need things at the click of a button, Ebsta Sync is the answer. My team have rarely added emails into Salesforce and now they don’t have to because Ebsta does it for them. Additionally, it also analyses all the data held in emails and finds thousands of missing phone numbers, job titles and Leads that weren’t in Salesforce. Can’t believe I’ve been working without it.”

Tim Sheed
Business Development Director, Tela Digital Agency

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