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Quickly add emails to any Salesforce record.


Ebsta helps you to quickly relate emails and attachments to Salesforce from inside Gmail. When receiving emails, you can click a small icon in the view window to add the email and attachments to one or many relating records (e.g Contact + Opportunity or Contact + Case). In addition, you have the choice to add every email you send to the relating Contact or Lead in Salesforce.

Use Ebsta’s Add Email to Salesforce functionality to:

  • Quickly save emails and attachments to Salesforce without leaving Gmail
  • Save emails to multiple Salesforce Objects/records in one swift movement
  • Add outbound emails to Salesforce as they are sent


Install from the Salesforce AppExchange →

The most accurate way to add Emails to Salesforce

You’re a simple install away from having the ability to add emails to Salesforce in one click.

Unlike ‘bcc’ to Salesforce, Ebsta automatically associates emails with the correct Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities and Cases,  so you don’t need to worry about losing important messages in the ‘Unresolved Items’ black hole.

Supported plans: Essential +
Supported platforms: Gmail/Salesforce