Ebsta Integrates With The Tools You Use Every Day

Ebsta seamlessly connects all of your core business applications.


Bringing together the power of all your business applications in one place

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We know that Salesforce is the heart of your business. We ensure that your core system is maintained with accurate information and all your customizations are fully supported.

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Ebsta’s Inbox for Outlook allow users to nurture relationships and supercharge sales productivity, all from your Inbox.  It also automatically cross-references Salesforce to show you related customer records as you browse through your Inbox.

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Users spend 35% of their time in their email. Ebsta provides a window into Salesforce directly from Gmail and a market leading set of sales engagement tools.

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The Ebsta Chrome extension puts Salesforce where users are researching. Ebsta alerts users to matching Salesforce records as they browse and allows for simple update and addition from across the web.

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Ebsta provides a suite of productivity tools integrating Bullhorn into Outlook, Word and Chrome. Optimised for over 70 professional and recruitment specific websites.

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