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Keep your team aware of crucial missing data.

Ebsta’s Intelligent Data Alerts notify you and your team of contact information changes and missing Contacts/Leads. From highlighting when key contacts have left the business, to alerting Users when telephone numbers and email addresses change, Ebsta ensures that you never miss out on information that could seal a new sale or renewal.

Data Alerts

Use Ebsta’s Intelligent Data Alerts to:

  • Process every email signature within your company mailboxes to find the very latest contact details, job titles and social profiles for your Salesforce Contacts and Leads
  • Mine every Out of Office reply to find when key contacts have left the business
  • Mine every Out of Office reply to find new or alternate people to contact
  • Automatically provide this information to your team against every Account, Contact, Lead, Opportunity and Custom Object
  • Export the information en mass using Ebsta’s Data Cleanse Report to make bulk updates to Salesforce and your Marketing systems

Install from the Salesforce AppExchange →

How does Intellgent Data Alerts Work?

Ebsta processes every email in your company mailbox to intelligently sync emails and contacts to your Salesforce instance. Held in your email accounts are thousands of email signatures that contain mobile numbers, social profiles, and job titles. Moreover, email signatures contain the very latest contact details for your contacts. Think about it. If you change your email address, job title, phone or mobile number – the first thing you will do is update your email signature.

In addition to processing this new contact information, Ebsta also picks up every Out of Office Alert and Auto-responder. These messages tell you when people have the left the company, when people are on holiday or maternity/paternity leave and they often contain contact details for an alternate contact(s) to get in touch with in their absence.

Ebsta takes all of this information and provides new contacts, the most up to date contact information and pertinent knowledge found in Out of Office responses against every Account, Lead, Contact, Opportunity and Custom Object.

In addition, the entire data set can be downloaded by your Salesforce Administrator via the Salesforce Data Cleanse reports, allowing you to make bulk updates to Salesforce or your Marketing system using your preferred import method.

Supported plans: Enterprise
Supported platforms: Gmail/Office365/Exchange/Lotus Notes