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Salesforce Contact Sync, like no other.


Ebsta ensures that 100% of business Contacts found within your company mailboxes are presented in Salesforce. It uses a powerful parsing engine to capture the contact details found inside every email signature on the emails you receive. The intelligent sync then determines which Contacts are missing from Salesforce and then makes them accessible to your entire team inside Salesforce. Context is everything – so we also show which colleague(s) are connected to every contact in Salesforce and the strength of their relationship.

Use Ebsta’s Intelligent Contact Sync to:

  • Unlock thousands of missing Contacts from your company mailboxes
  • Understand who in your team holds the key relationships with each Contact, Lead or Account
  • Give your team access to the most accurate Contact Details, Social Profiles and Business Contact list


Install Ebsta from the Salesforce AppExchange →

The Best Way to Sync Your Contacts to Salesforce

You’re a simple install away from unlocking all of the hidden Contacts stored in your mailbox. Unlike other tools, Ebsta’s Contact Sync analyses email content including Out-of-office emails and auto-responders and syncs them directly to your Salesforce so you have the richest, most accurate data to work with.

Supported plans: Team +
Supported platforms: Gmail/Office365/Exchange/Lotus Notes