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Cleanse Salesforce data over time, using your greatest untapped asset


Your customer data is the life blood of your business and we know firsthand that the majority of this asset sits untapped in your mailboxes.

Ebsta takes all your missing business Contacts, telephone numbers, job titles and social profiles and produces Data Cleanse Reports with corresponding Salesforce IDs to allow for an easy import into Salesforce. Better still, we recognise contact details that have changed and which contacts may have even left the business, and give you that vital information too.

Use Ebsta Data Cleanse Reports to:

  • Update thousands of missing contacts and out-of-date records in your Salesforce instance (using your preferred Data Loader and adhering to your current validation or custom rules)
  • Maintain your data over time
  • Make other tools (like Marketing Automation or CTI) more powerful by ensuring the correct email and telephone details are always available to your team


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The Most Reliable Way to Cleanse Your Data 

You’re a simple install away from having the data that you’ve spent far too long waiting for. Ebsta provides you with the most reliable way to find all the missing contact information stored in your company’s mailboxes and gives you access to Data Cleanse Reports to show you exactly what data has been uncovered, including new Opportunities and thousands of out-of-date records in Salesforce. Finally get your team working with data that will help increase revenue.

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