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Sync every email to Salesforce, intelligently.


Ebsta’s automatic Email Sync for Salesforce removes the headache of people not updating Salesforce by populating Salesforce with emails that relate to Customers, Prospects, Opportunities and Cases.

Ebsta connects directly to a User’s mailbox so you don’t have to worry about every User installing our plugin or what email client they are using.

Sync your Emails with Salesforce to:

  • Track 100% of communications with clients and prospects in Salesforce
  • Solve Salesforce adoption/utilisation challenges
  • Remove the reliance on Users to add emails to Salesforce


Install from the Salesforce AppExchange →

Salesforce Email Sync with a difference

Unlike other automated Sync tools, Ebsta doesn’t pollute your Salesforce database with ‘Unresolved items’ or require your Salesforce storage costs to increase. In addition, we’re the only solution that allows you to control what emails can be seen by individuals, teams or roles. After all, we’re here to make your life easier, not to share information you don’t want to.

Available within our Team and Enterprise plans, this is the perfect addition to our Essential Plan and it can be used by Outlook and Microsoft Exchange customers.

Supported plans: Team +
Supported platforms: Gmail/Office365/Exchange/Lotus Notes