Bring productivity forward in Salesforce

One team moving with velocity towards recurring revenue


Increase sales time

Add 12 hours of core sales activity to every rep by eliminating the burden of updating and organizing Salesforce.

Make the distance between your engagements with customers and Salesforce shorter and simpler so that you can act on the insights faster.

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Accelerate onboarding

Make your reps more money faster. Ebsta digests every historic closed opportunity to benchmark a map of what good looks like.

With it, you can identify the profit makers to fast-track, the training gaps to bridge, and opportunities that won’t materialize.

Improve your data quality

Find the DNA of a deal

Benchmark historic activity against your live pipeline to spotlight the activity and engagement that will progress each stage of your sales cycle.

When you know what good looks like you can increase the volume, velocity and value of every deal and how you improve every customer touchpoint you have.

Score customer engagement

Scalable business

Bring company-wide visibility of who holds the best customer relationships and how you’re engaging across departments to connect every interaction seamlessly.

Use past success to create a unique blueprint of engagement, and stakeholder involvement to move every sales relationship forward.

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