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Capture 100% of activity data

Effortlessly sync your Gmail or Office 365 emails and calendar events to Salesforce.

Simply set and forget as Ebsta records all activities to any Salesforce object, including Opportunities and Custom Objects.

Save time, boost team efficiency and improve data quality and reporting.


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Sync your inbox to Salesforce with Ebsta


Supercharge your Inbox

Ebsta’s market-leading plugins for Gmail and Outlook help your team work at hyper-speed and develop meaningful relationships with prospects and customers at scale.

Never miss a follow-up again by scheduling personalized emails and tasks. Track opened emails and clicked links to prioritise activity and monitor the performance of your content. Share your calendar to automatically book meetings.


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Ebsta's inbox tool pulls data into your inbox from Salesforce


360° Customer View

Discover your full company network by connecting mailboxes and calendars to Ebsta’s intelligence platform and uncovering every person your team have ever interacted with.

Identify missing and out-of-date records, develop a 360° of your customer, with a full record of every activity, understand who holds the best relationships and score your engagement to proactively manage your pipeline and customers.

Every contact. Every interaction. Every relationship.

Ebsta's team tool uses Salesforce's data intelligence to aid sales engagement

Working wherever you work

... in your Inbox

Ebsta’s plugins for Gmail & Outlook help you to view, edit and update Salesforce, schedule personalized cadences and track emails directly in your Inbox.

... as you browse the web

Ebsta’s Chrome Extension is integrated with over 50 websites, so you can create new Salesforce records and update customer records as you research prospects and customers.


... in Salesforce

Ebsta provides a 360° activity view and immediate insight into your company network as you browse records in Salesforce.

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