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Build relationships through your company network

Ebsta integrates directly with your mailboxes, calendars and Salesforce to automatically uncover contacts across your whole organization and build an intelligent, dynamic network of relationships.

Ebsta identifies and maintains all contact information, social profiles, and a full history of every email and calendar event, to create a 360° view of your customer.


Engage more customers with personalized workflows

Automatically trigger personalized emails and tasks to nurture relationships with customers and ensure you never miss a follow-up.

Leverage Ebsta’s reporting on open rates, click rates and reply rates to measure the performance of your workflows and make changes to improve their success.


Measure engagement to identify risk and improve forecasting

Ebsta uniquely analyzes every email, meeting and call with a customer to produce a dynamic, real-time “Ebsta Score” (ranked between 0-100). The higher the “Ebsta Score”, the greater the level of engagement.

When utilized against Leads, Contacts, Accounts or Opportunities, the “Ebsta Score” helps immediately identify and prioritize individuals with low engagement, reducing the risk of prospects turning cold and customers churning.


Analyze team activity and improve performance

Ebsta’s reporting dashboard provides visibility into your team’s activity levels and the performance of their workflows, including open rates, click rates and reply rates, so you’re able to identify what is successful and what needs improvement.


Seamlessly integrate with your favorite tools

We’re focused on making it easy to connect Ebsta to your customer stack, spanning marketing, sales, customer success and support.

We integrate with CRM, email platforms, calendars and telephony providers to bring all your customer information together and provide the right insights at the right time.

Ready to drive customer engagement?