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360° view

Complete customer visibility

Ebsta analyses mailboxes and calendars to understand every contact, communication and relationship across your whole organization.
This communication is then displayed within Salesforce contextually against the relevant record, be it a lead, contact, account, opportunity or custom object in a true 360° view where it can be easily digested and shared across teams for enhanced collaboration.

Uncover data from your inbox and put it in Salesforce

Company Network

Build relationships through your company network

Ebsta uncovers all the contacts and relationships otherwise hidden in users mailboxes to expose your true company network within Salesforce. Relationships are unearthed and can be leveraged for warm introductions providing more personal communication.

Up to 40% of the contacts your organization interacts with are usually hidden in users mailboxes but are extracted by Ebsta and displayed in Salesforce against each relevant record to ensure that Salesforce is now up to date and accurate.

Find out who in your business has closest connections to your prospects

Engagement Scoring

Measure engagement to identify risk and improve forecasting

Ebsta uniquely analyzes every email, meeting and call with every individual contacted across the organization to produce a dynamic, real-time percentage based “Ebsta Score” to denote engagement. Understanding the context of communication the score is a true reflection of actual interaction between people that increases with conversation and falls as the relationship slows.

When utilized against Leads, Contacts, Accounts or Opportunities, the “Ebsta Score” helps immediately identify and prioritize individuals with low engagement, reducing the risk of prospects turning cold, customers churning and opportunities falling out of the sales pipeline.

Use engagement scoring to discover hot and cold prospects

Activity Metrics

Analyze team activity and improve performance

Ebsta understands all the communication and activities of each team member, without requiring any manual logging, which provides visibility into your team’s activity levels compared to their performance. Including the Ebsta Score all this insight is written back into Salesforce for including in native dashboards or exporting into your chosen analytics package.

With all user activity and relationship strength mapped against every lead and contact interacted with across your organization and rolled up to account and opportunity level you can now benefit from full and proactive reporting in Salesforce.

Use Ebsta's analytics to improve sales performance

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