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The power of Salesforce in Outlook

Ebsta’s front end Outlook plugin allows you to view, edit and update Salesforce on the fly. It also automatically cross-references Salesforce to show you related customer records as you browse through your Inbox.

Ebsta works directly out-of-the-box, supporting field and object-level security and any of your custom objects.

Salesforce Outlook Integration

Automagic Activity Capture

All emails, events, tasks, calls and business contacts are displayed inside Salesforce and Outlook as a feed without the need for staff to make updates or record activities.

Sales and Customer Success reps can spend 20% more time engaging with customers and prospects whilst accessing 100% complete data.


Email tracking and personalized workflows

Ebsta gives you insight in to what happens after you send an email, so you can see whether the recipient ever opened the email or clicked on any links.

Trigger personalized email and task workflow automation in Outlook to nurture relationships with customers and ensure you never miss a follow-up.

Leverage Ebsta’s reporting on open rates, click rates and reply rates to measure the performance of your workflows and make changes to improve their success.

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