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  • Dive into team activity within every opportunity


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Let Ebsta help you to predict revenue, optimize sales pipeline and improve business relationships.

Increase sales productivity
Effortlessly supercharge the productivity of your sales team with automating workflow from your Inbox.

Automate CRM enrichment
Maintain an evergreen CRM by putting your sales rep updates on autopilot.

Relationship mapping
Put the "relationship" into CRM by automatically capturing every contact and scoring engagement.

Predictive sales forecasting
Have confidence in your forecast and make better decisions with accurate, up-to-date opportunity insights.

Improve pipeline management
Discover opportunities at risk faster with real-time trends and engagement insights.

Optimize sales performance
Improve the productivity and performance of your sales team with more accurate insights.

Discover opportunities at risk with real-time trends and engagement insights

Why high performing sales teams choose Ebsta?

With Ebsta's Revenue Intelligence Platform, sales teams have the insights they need to improve forecasting accuracy, identify pipeline at risk and increase customer engagement.

Identify opportunities at risk faster
Deep-dive into every opportunity
Help your sales team hit quota

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Ted Elliott

CEO - Copado

"Ebsta has helped us improve our sales forecasting and pipeline management by giving us real-time visibility into what's really going on. By monitoring engagement, we're now able to focus on closing deals faster and working on the very best opportunities."


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