How ChatMeter Uses Ebsta to Drive Sales Productivity

How ChatMeter Uses Ebsta to Drive Sales Productivity

The Challenge

Engagement with customers has become increasingly important at ChatMeter. Manual efforts were required in order to update and maintain records within Salesforce. Often this was time-consuming and, inevitably inconsistent– According to ChatMeter – just “40% of emails were recorded”. Employees were unable to benefit from all the insight they really had on their customers. This included, immediate access to up-to-date contact information, a full record of all activities across departments, insight into who has the strongest relationship, when they last engaged or what was discussed. As a result, ChatMeter needed a solution that they could trust with helping them to:
  • Automatically capture email and calendar activity
  • Boost employee productivity and Salesforce adoption
  • Increase the quality of customer data
  • Drive team collaboration with customers
  • Improve reporting accuracy and forecasting

“Ebsta allows the Sales Reps to click “send” and it shows up in their Salesforce; it shows up on the account level, on the contact level, and gives everyone that has permission to view those records visibility into the conversations when needed.” – Evan Green, Operations Manager, ChatMeter

The Approach

After searching and evaluating a variety of Salesforce email integrations, Ebsta offered a complete solution that met the following requirements of ChatMeter:
  • Automatically sync 100% of email to events to Salesforce records
  • Chrome Extension has supercharged the inbox experience for ChatMeter employees with Ebsta’s full suite of productivity features ο Email tracking to understand when people open emails ο Automatic meeting scheduling to save tedious back and forth emails ο Templates for quick and efficient communication
  • Chrome Extension provides insight in context through integrations with prospecting websites, including LinkedIn · Data quality tools to unlock missing Contact and Lead records and leverage up-to-date contact data from contact signatures

The Result

Increased Productivity
  • Save an hour – seamlessly sync emails and update contacts
  • Drive inbox efficiency with Salesforce email templates, send later, and email tracking
  • Integrate into workflow with Chrome Extension to reduce time spent tracking contact/account activity history by reading shorthand, notes, email forwards, etc.
Better Team Efficiency and Collaboration
  • 250% increase in emails being automatically logged to Salesforce with Ebsta.
  • With all emails and contacts captured, everyone has total visibility into their team’s engagement with a contact
  • Enabled the team to seamlessly leverage the best relationships and build on previous conversations
Accurate and Advanced Reporting
  • Accurate data improves: activity of their team, activity with opportunities, nurturing of leads, supporting customers, and targeting marketing campaigns.
  • Successfully incentivized team by analyzing true activity
  • Easily identify any opportunities at risk because of a lack of activity
Updating Salesforce records were time-consuming and often inconsistent.
Ebsta Inbox allowed ChatMeter to automatically log all customer communications.
ChatMeter has increased productivity, team efficiency and collaboration.

Optimize your entire sales operation

Build deeper relationships with customers across longer life cycles and identify the wider revenue risks and expedite opportunities in your pipeline.

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