How ESP Legal Save 135 Hours a Year/Per Recruiter using Ebsta for Bullhorn

How ESP Legal Save 135 Hours a Year/Per Recruiter using Ebsta for Bullhorn

The Challenge

ESP Legal spent a majority of their time sourcing their candidates in LinkedIn and Dice.

LinkedIn was used to update candidate profiles and confirm where candidates were currently employed.

They were looking for a solution to quickly identify:
• If someone already existed in Bullhorn
• Have one-click access to candidate records
• Understand if there were any past activities/communications
• If a candidate had a Resume attached
• Any outdated candidate information, including contact details, employments history etc.

“As a hands on working President and Founder, being efficient is critical to my personal success, and as we’re a smaller company, it is even more important that I provide tools that make our staff more effective, so that we can compete with National Staffing Firms in our Niche.”
– Chris Hildreth, President & Founder



Ebsta for Bullhorn was installed across the business, giving all users the visibility to:
• View candidates documents and Resumes
• Stay abreast with the most up-to-date candidate contact information
• View key insights, such as activity history, tasks, notes, and the company the candidate was associated with


Here are some of the stats that ESP Legal has found (per recruiter/per year):
• Entering new candidates into Bullhorn saves 86.5 hours
• Updating Resumes of Existing Customers save 29 hours
• Editing records via Ebsta saves 7.5 hours
• Entering notes via Ebsta saves 5 hours
• Checking to see if a candidate exists in Bullhorn saves 7 hours
In total, 135 hours is saved per recruiter per year, which equates to 3.5 weeks a year!

The Recruitment Team spent most of their time looking for candidate records in Bullhorn.
The Team was able to quickly find candidate contact information in a centralized view.
Each recruiter was able to save 135 hours of admin work a year.

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