How Staci Save 1,000 Hours of Admin Work Per Year

How Staci Save 1,000 Hours of Admin Work Per Year

The Challenge

Staci found that it was taking too long for Sales teams to manage records and keep a full history of all back and forth emails.

And so, the teams had to copy and paste emails into Salesforce in order to log all communications, which was a timely process.

Their teams also had no visibility to see what stage their prospects were at in the buyer journey. This made it difficult between internal sales teams as opportunities often clashed or could be missed.

Business Development Managers were spending a disproportionate amount of time updating Salesforce and completing admin tasks, taking time away from closing deals.

“Ebsta is like a mirror solution. We’re able to automatically view the same emails from in our inbox, directly into Salesforce without having to manually update this.”
Ashley Hepper, UK Sales & Marketing Support Manager

The Approach

Ebsta Inbox for Gmail was installed across the business, enabling users to make use of the following features:

• Email tracking
– Staci users receive notifications for instant feedback, understanding if a prospect/customer is engaging with an email or not
– Get a good grasp for what email content works and what doesn’t
– Look at history of email engagement
-Understand when someone clicks on an email, how many times and on what device

• Salesforce templates
– Have direct access to templates from their Gmail Inbox
– Use and manage consistent messaging across all teams
– Enhance their communication strategy
– Quickly choose a Salesforce template, and get it pasted into an email
– Easily edit the Salesforce template from within Gmail, giving them flexibility to personalize outbound emails

• Add emails into Salesforce
– Staci users could now use the Native sync option to automatically add emails into Salesforce, or use the Advanced Add function to relate emails to a specific record

The Result

This solution was implemented across 5 Sales and Marketing members, and helped the team save 1,000 hours of admin work per year.

Now that emails no longer need to be copied and pasted into Salesforce, the team saves 5 minutes per record, and can automatically get emails added into Salesforce.

The Sales Team had to manually updated each record in Salesforce.
Ebsta Inbox allowed Sales Reps to automatically log all activities inside Salesforce.
The Staci Team saved 1,000 hours of admin work per year.

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