Salesforce Usage Report 2019

Salesforce is no longer “just a CRM.” As it enters its 20th year, it’s moved so far beyond its early life to become something far deeper and more valuable to businesses.

The world’s #1 CRM for the last five successive years is now a platform that’s embedded at the heart of hundreds of thousands of businesses across the world.

Recent acquisitions are a good indication of how it’s evolving to meet the demands of tomorrow’s customer – who have changed the way we sell by only ever being a few clicks and a bad experience away from the competition.

It’s a customer-driven, experience- focused world where everything has to be faster, easier and more personal to the individual. Salesforce is achieving this across the entire customer lifecycle with accelerated inroads into IoT, automation, data integration and artificial intelligence.

Competition is more fierce than ever before and businesses will have to discover new ways to acquire, retain and grow their customer base. That relies on the information that goes into Salesforce, the actions that come out and how you optimise that process.

The opportunity that Salesforce’s platform, partners and ISVs afford us are limitless. Businesses now need
to turn their attention to realizinghow the compounded effect of a coherent strategy across data quality, adoption, workflows, integrations, reporting and AI will unlock 100x the impact with Salesforce.

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