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#YouHackWeHack Webinar Series

How to Accurately Track Marketing ROI Using Salesforce and Pardot


About Ricky Wheeler


Ricky has been marketing and championing SAAS for over a decade. Before Ebsta, he helped Broadbean Technology become one of the fastest growing technology companies in Europe. He is now responsible for all aspects of Brand, Product Marketing and Communications.



A common challenge for Marketers everywhere is tracking the ROI of their campaigns but it doesn’t have to be this way if only you know how.

Join Ebsta’s CMO Ricky Wheeler to discover how your Marketing efforts no longer have to go unnoticed.

Gain an insight into:

  • How to accurately report Marketing ROI in Salesforce
  • The difference between Campaigns in Pardot & Salesforce
  • How to automate Campaign flow between Pardot & Salesforce
  • How to force accurate Campaign association to Opportunities
  • How to not get caught out with false positives