Sales leadership: mindset & method

This week we’re distilling the mindset and methods behind successful sales leadership.

Changing outcomes, instilling mindset in others, what corrosive looks like, and the importance of hiring.

Fractional CRO and creator of over 500 hours of sales leadership content, Marcus Cauchi, joined us in steering the discussion.

Sitting on the panel:

Scott Leese, CEO & Co-founder, Scott Leese Consulting LLC

Leigh Ashton, Founder & CEO, The Sales Consultancy

Justin Welsh, Founder, JW Strategic Advisory

Larry Long Jr, Director of Collegiate Sales, Teamworks

Join us for the next live broadcast here.

Cultivating a culture of self-improvement

Few have the arcane ability to scale a sales team as Scott Leese has. 

Across the six successive multi-million-dollar teams he’s been involved in building, there’s always been a commitment to foster self-improvement in others.   

In a previous role, Scott introduced multiple windows across the working day for optional sales training. 

Before work at seven, during lunch, and closing the day. Three hours a day, five days a week, sixty hours a month.

He created a vehicle for self-improvement but left the choice to drive that with his reps.

Adopting self-improvement as a KPI places performance beside a desire-for-improvement. 

It shows curiosity, interest, and augments the other metrics that land during one-on-ones and reports. If you’re underperforming and under-committing then you’re not in the right role.

You can chart the development of those simply punching their ticket against those with a mindset to go the extra mile.

We’re all at different stages of development, but those relentlessly pursuing growth will inevitably get to their destination faster.

Plenty of people express a desire to succeed in sales, but there’s quite little actually stopping them from getting there.

This is an information age and there’s an enormous wealth of accessible communities, online learning, and meetups that are open for engaging. 

Surround yourself with growth

Seek out the mentors you want to learn from.

We are attracted to the people we aspire to be in business. Surround yourself with the learnings of histories that will create your future.

The most important question is not what, how, or where… it’s who. Who can you find to learn from and what can bridge, build, and buffer your understanding?

Hiring the right mindset

Mindsets have thankfully moved on from Gordon Gecko, Margaret Thatcher, and the view that greed is good and being machiavellian is good sales acumen.

Sprint to the finish, or into burnout.

Sales leaders are architects and cultivating the right mindset starts with who you hire and how you whittle away the toxic parts of your team.

An empty chair and ramp time to profitability are not nearly as expensive as the collateral damage of negative engagement with a customer or team member

We spoke earlier in the series about expansion and the importance of sending the right conduits for mindset, method, and culture in first.

Leaders should avoid hiring in their own image and look to continuously improve and broaden the collective so that the next hire is always adding additional value.

Uncomfortable learning

When we’re pushed outside of our spheres of comfort we step into an expanse of learning but go too far and it hamstrings our growth.

If you imagine it like the relationship a bodybuilder shares with weightlifting. 

They have to rip their muscles enough to stretch them, but need to allow the space to rest and reform stronger.

Go too far and they undo the good work they’re trying to achieve. You have to be a connoisseur of confusion, curiosity, and discomfort.

Certainty and assurance are seductive, but when we change our perception of being vulnerable and allow growth to rise from failing, then we discover an entirely new path of learning. 

Search out the difficult situations. Be vulnerable, ask for help, and explore the unknown to accelerate your understanding.

You don’t need a mindset for connecting as humans

It sounds simple, but good sales is the same as being a good human.

Listen to people, show compassion, share understanding, and try to find a genuine solution.

Get out and ask for help sooner and don’t let hubris stand in the way of growth.

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