Ebsta for SaaS

Market-leading relationship intelligence and sales enablement solutions to drive revenue-generating activities throughout the customer lifecycle.

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Improve revenue performance with Ebsta

Ebsta provides a suite of tools to help you collaborate more effectively throughout the customer lifecycle. Accurate data, workflow automations and relationship insights help to:

  • Increase Lead Conversion
  • Increase Opportunity Conversion
  • Increase Customer Retention

360° customer view

Ebsta automatically enriches Salesforce with every contact, every activity and up-to-date contact information from its analysis of mailboxes and calendars across your company.

This information is then made available to Reps as they browse leads, contacts, accounts, opportunities or contacts to provide an accurate 360° into every engagement with a particular record.

Insights into communication drives effective collaboration and helps Reps to deliver a more personal customer experience.

Build relationships through your company’s network

Ebsta uncovers all contacts and relationships across every mailbox and calendar to provide Reps with full access to their company’s network within Salesforce.

Every record contains accurate and up-to-date information with insight into which colleague has the best relationship and visibility of what was discussed.

Reps can be more effective in leveraging company-wide relationships to develop suitable introductions and build a more seamless customer experience across multiple departments and offices.

Measure engagement to identify risk and improve forecasting

The Ebsta Score intelligently analyzes every email, meeting and call with each lead and contact in Salesforce to provide real-time insight into the strength of engagement.

With insight into every interaction, management are able to identify and prioritise leads, contacts, accounts or opportunities that have been neglected or require further engagement, reducing the risk of prospects turning cold, opportunities stalling and customers churning.

Supercharge sales productivity with Inbox tools

Ebsta offers market-leading Gmail and Outlook plugins that provides sales and customer success teams with everything they need to sell faster and smarter.

Features such as Salesforce integration, email tracking, access to Salesforce templates, automated cadences and meeting scheduling allows Reps to successfully follow consistent playbooks and prioritise the activities that drive revenue.

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