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Supporting your full customer life cycle

Ebsta provides a set of tools to help you better serve your customers along their lifecycle. From marketing to sales, through customer success and service Ebsta helps you;

  • Increase Lead Conversion
  • Increase Opportunity Conversion
  • Increase Customer Retention
  • Increase Revenue
Ebsta's suite of sales enablement tools for salesforce

Accurate customer information in one place

Up to 40% of the contacts interacted with across your business never make it onto Salesforce and remain hidden in users mailboxes. Ebsta ensures that all leads and contacts are available in Salesforce with the latest contact information ensuring maximum reach of marketing efforts and efficient sharing of accurate customer information across the business.

Integrate Salesforce with your inbox in a click

360 view of your customer

Ebsta automatically shares all communication between teams, without requiring a change to user behaviour, simplifying the customer transition between sales, customer success and service. With the ability to reference the communication that has occurred against any lead, contact, account or opportunity in Salesforce your customer is better serviced.

share data between salesforce colleagues with ebsta

Personalized reach out

Prospects and customers demand an ever more personal service. Ebsta’s cadences ensure that communications can be tailored to the individual, sent from the right person and  automatically followed up so that no relationship is left behind.

build cadences with ebsta for personalised automatic outreach

Understand true engagement

Ebsta understands the difference between engagement and activity to ensure that reps are successfully reaching out to hot leads, that sales are effectively moving opportunities through the pipeline and that customers are being correctly serviced at the right points in their life cycle.

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