In a world where sales reps have to be reactive to ensure that they receive maximum profit, I often find myself wondering why so many reps continue to rely solely on a trusty phone and headset. Gone are the days of finding leads right on your doorstep, and in are the days of using sales tools to sell more effectively and efficiently. With tools such as Rapportive, Discover Org, and Ebsta, your team can now reach sales goals 10x faster.

1. Rapportive

Are you tired of constantly switching between Gmail and LinkedIn? Well, that doesn’t have to be a rapportive-google-pluginproblem. Rapportive is a free Google plugin that allows you to visualise who you’re communicating with by bringing their Linkedin profile straight to your mailbox. When mailing prospects, Rapportive gives you a snapshot view of:

  • Profile picture
  • Full name
  • Job title
  • Company
  • Shared connections
  • Current location
  • Interests/ hobbies

By using this application, you can quickly deduce whether you’re talking to a decision maker, allowing you to sell according to their pain points.

2. Discover Org

Picture this scenario: it’s a cold, stormy November, none of your sales reps are on target, and the likelihood of reaching your £200 000 sales goal is looking slim. Despite this, you power on and find yourself on adiscover-org sales call with “John Jones.” After speaking to him for an hour, you discover that he’s an intern with absolutely 0 ability to buy your product- annoying, right?

Between chasing up leads and selling to prospects, sales reps can’t risk wasting time by talking to people who don’t have buying power. DiscoverOrg is an application that gives sales teams the information they need to find likely buyers. With its ‘360 Degree Org Chart’, you can now visualise who reports to whom in an organisation, ensuring your sales team spends less time prospecting – and more time selling.

3. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

linkedin-sales-navigatorFriends, colleagues, prospects and leads – I can assure you that you’ll find them all on one network (and no, it’s not Facebook).

LinkedIn currently has 467 million users and it’s the best way to reach out to contacts and prospects alike (and actually get a response). LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a brilliant resource that can help you pave your way as a prospecting superstar. LinkedIn uses a complex algorithm to give you custom lead recommendations based on your preferences. It also gives you the option to build lead lists and keep tabs on saved leads. Want to contact a CMO that works for an accounting company with 500 – 1000 employees? Well, with LinkedIn’s Lead Builder Search you can find this ideal client.

4. Ring DNA

Think about ring-dnahow many international calls you’ve made in the past month. Then think again and reflect on how many international leads have picked up your phone call. Not a lot? There’s a good chance the problem is your phone number.

Leads from other countries often prefer not to answer international numbers, as they either don’t want to be charged or don’t want to answer a possible scam phone call. Ring DNA is a Salesforce application, which allows you to transform your +44 into a +1, +34 or even +57 – thus increasing the number of leads converted into prospects.

5. Ebsta

And of course, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention our sales enablement software, Ebsta. As a sales person, your main goal is obviously to sell (it’s kind of in the job title). It’s all ebsta-calendar-syncyou do from 9-5, Monday through to Friday and nothing gives you quite the same rush as closing a deal that you’ve been working on for days on end. But menial tasks and switching between different software can eat into your sales time, bringing your numbers down and leaving that elusive closing rush receding into the distance.

So at Ebsta, we’ve developed Salesforce and Gmail integration software that does the busywork for you. Send automated email campaigns, track email opens and clicks, and update Salesforce on the fly. If you find yourself spending more time trying to schedule meetings than closing deals, our meeting scheduling software automatically updates so your availability is always up-to-date (and it gives you the chance to wow your prospects with a sophisticated meeting page). With Ebsta’s software, you can say bye to the days of having to send that really awkward, “Sorry I double-booked!” email.


Take a free trial of our Gmail software today!

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