There are companies out there that are actively trying to sell you their products like they’re going to be the bread and butter to your organisation. Strangely, these very companies don’t use their own products internally. The way we look at it is, if you have enough faith in your product to sell it on to a customer, you should have enough faith to be using it for yourself. And that’s exactly what we do.

We use Ebsta across all of our departments and most predominantly, in Customer Success. It has helped our Customer Success team overcome their biggest Salesforce challenges and achieve the illustrious net negative churn.

We’re letting you in on the secret of how we’ve done it so you too can replicate real customer success and build a winning customer retention strategy:

The Pass Over from Sales

Passing over customer Accounts from one department to another is a tricky process and one that can throw up it’s own obstacles later down the line if its messy and disorganised. You must ensure a clean, linear swap over.

Ebsta allows for a smooth and efficient transition from Sales to Customer Success with access to all the communication with a customer in Salesforce pre and post sale. Our Customer Success Manager, Dev Rubin, spoke about her experiences of using Ebsta Sync:

“At first, I was concerned that I wouldn’t know anything about the Accounts that were assigned to me from our Sales team. I was wary that I didn’t want to damage our reputation by seeking that information myself so I was hoping it was all stored in Salesforce.

Luckily, everything I needed was right there for me to digest. All of our mailboxes are synced up to Salesforce so all email communication is automatically visible which helps me identify why the customer decided to purchase and what their buyer journey had looked like. Fundamentally, it helps me understand what type of service each customer requires going forward.”

Collaborating Customer Success

A collaborative Customer Success team is the winning formula to delivering premium customer service and consequently, vital to achieving your ultimate goal of customer retention. Any overlap between colleagues and Accounts or disparity with understanding will undoubtedly result in poor customer service.

At Ebsta, we strived to create a team that were all working towards the same goal. However, with a Customer Success team in the UK and another in the US, it’s inevitably difficult to stay on the same page at every stage of the customer journey.

“Eve and I have some crossovers with Accounts so Ebsta Sync allows me to see if she’s had any communications with any of my Accounts so there’s no repetition or time-wasting.

As a Customer Success Manager, I also share Accounts with our Product Manager, Support team and Marketing team which means there’s a lot of emails and phone calls going to and fro.

Without Ebsta, I’d have to find the time to go up to each individual person and ask them where they’re at with the Account and then piece it all together myself. Ebsta eliminates that task and keeps me in the loop.”

Customer Success Changes Ahead of Time

The ultimate aim for every company is net negative churn – it’s that pot of gold at the end of a (very long) customer success rainbow. It means that they are successfully retaining the majority of their customers and are normally doing a pretty good job of the whole keeping your customers happy malarkey. Better still, it means they are making more money even when they lose customers through up-selling or cross-selling.

However, to achieve this, you must be willing to go above and beyond to ensure that your current customers renew. We know what you’re thinking – easier said that done. So how does a Customer Success Specialist know when their customers are likely to renew? Unfortunately for most, it’s a guessing game that ends up with a high churn rate.

We were tired of trying to figure out the likelihood of a customer renewing so implemented Ebsta Score.

“The main goal of my job is naturally to retain customers but it would be almost impossible without Ebsta.

With Ebsta Score, I can determine which Accounts need my attention before their renewal date approaches so I can make a difference ahead of time. A low Ebsta Score tells me that there’s been minimal engagement with an Account so I need to get working on it to ensure that they do renew whereas a high Ebsta Score tells me that they’re engaged and likely to renew again.”

Delivering Outstanding Customer Service

According to a study on Why Companies Should Invest in the Customer Experience by Zendesk, 40% of people began purchasing from a competitive brand because of its reputation for great customer service and here at Ebsta, we pride ourselves on giving the best customer service possible.

Take response times as an example. A customer wants to feel heard, especially when they have an issue so our Customer Success team set themselves response goals to keep customer satisfaction high.

“In Customer Success, we have our own target response times that we aim to meet successfully. We want our customers to be impressed by our service and feel like they have all the help that they need to get the most out of our products. Ebsta helps us track this by giving us all email communication in Salesforce automatically and Ebsta Score identifies the engagement level between our team and the customer.”

“Part of the Customer Success experience is to be on-boarded by either Eve or myself. On-boarding is key to building a long-lasting professional relationship with a customer and helping them on their way with their purchase.”

The Customer Success Productivity Booster

When you have 40,000 customers to attend to, it’s imperative to have a customer success tool that can save you time. Ebsta Sync allows Users to hover over an email in Salesforce and see its content in a snapshot so your Customer Success team doesn’t have to file through each individual email.

“When I am given a new account I want to know as much as I can about the client before I reach out to them. My first step is to look into the emails that the Sales Rep has exchanged with them and only then I will email the client. I love the hover feature as it saves me tons of time not having to open the emails in Salesforce and I can move quickly from one email to another until I find what I’m searching for.”

By using Ebsta Sync, our Customer Success team has been able to retain more of our customers and give a better on-boarding service. Our net negative churn has been made possible because we have utilised the features of our own product and quite literally, taken a leaf out of our own book.

Ready to gain insight into customer relationships? Try our Customer Intelligence tool for free today!

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