Do you know every sales opportunity at risk right now?

Map. Measure. Move.

Make every business relationship instantly visible in Salesforce

Do you know who knows who across the entire organization?

Do you have an oversight of everything that was said, done and when it happened?

Ebsta maps it all for you in Salesforce.

Every prospect that’s ever engaged with your company, made visible, in real-time.


Measure engagement not activity

Not all activity is equal and reporting against outbound calls and emails misinforms you of how engaged your prospects are.

Ebsta creates a unique score for each relationship weighted against the volume, frequency, type of activity and responsiveness.

It means you know where opportunities are at risk, where activity is being reciprocated and what’s effectively moving those revenue levers.

What is your next best action to revenue?

Ebsta benchmarks the successful engagement of every closed-won opportunity you have and applies it to your live pipeline as an indicator of what good looks like.

Reps have a faster way to identify the deals that won’t close, the relationships that need attention and the time-sensitive revenue opportunities.

It’s a way of using past activity to improve every step forward.


Make more from
existing relationships


Identify the deals that
won’t close sooner


See the opportunities
at risk in real-time

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