Email Tracking

Track every email with real-time notifications
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Ebsta gives you insight in to what happens after you send an email.

Stay alerted with real-time notifications

Get notified when a prospect or customer opens your email or clicks on any links. Prioritize your follow-ups, ensuring that you send content while your prospect is still thinking of you.

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Optimize open and click rates

Drop the guesswork from your email conversations using actionable insights through email tracking. While email open rates will help you understand which subject lines work best with your customers. The clicks will inform you of the popularity of content within the emails.

Track through all email activity

Automatically capture all inbound and outbound emails relating to a specific Account, Deal or Opportunity. Ebsta's email tracking lets you quickly browse through previous conversations you've had with prospects.

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Prioritize your best deals

Automatically track how and when customers interact with emails. Build on positive momentum or follow up to keep deals moving.


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