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Real Activity Reporting in Salesforce

Activity reporting in Salesforce has always been important for managing sales, leads and renewals but is often flawed.

Typically 2 key metrics are used, Last Activity (or Days since last activity) or Number of Activities Logged. These both have their issues.

Sales rep 1 logs every piece of activity, every email sent, every phone call made and sales rep 2 only logs pertinent activity when a conversation has been had or an opportunity progressed.

The reports show different activity levels between reps but offers no value as it relies on the end user.

For activity reporting to be effective there are two fundamental requirements;  taking the user out of the equation and automatically logging activity and understanding the relevance of the communication.

Ebsta will automatically sync all communication but can also understand the relevance of the communication through the Ebsta Score. 

Ebsta Score

The Ebsta score is a an engagement score that makes sense of all the different types of communication and derives a single number between 0 and 100 that is used to measure how engaged your team is with your customers, opportunities, and prospects. 

The Ebsta Score is derived on a multitude of factors from emails, calls and calendar events that include different weightings for sent and received, inbound and outbound, conversation length, duration, timing and period of all communications and increases and decreases over time based on ongoing engagement levels.

Proactive Pipeline Management 

By plotting Ebsta Score against the close date of open opportunities you are immediately highlighted to those opportunities due to close with low engagement. With this information you can act to ensure that the deal is saved before it is too late. Ebsta retrospectively analyses past opportunities won and lost and displays the average engagement of those won an lost deals to provide a benchmark.


Lead Conversion

Plot Ebsta Score against your marketing score and ensure that the leads interacting with your marketing material are being engaged with to ensure conversion into your pipeline.


Customer Retention

The Ebsta score shows your current levels of engagement. Customer coming up for renewal and although activity has been logged the Ebsta score could be low signifying that you have not actually had meaningful conversations highlighting the risk of churn.


Improved Relationships

If you have a business where partnerships are key to generating pipeline, you can instantly see how engaged each partner rep is with your team.

This allows you to strategically focus on generating more pipeline though improved focus and better understanding.

Ultimately, Ebsta Score allows for scalable Sales management which allows you to review previous performance and identify risks due to lack of engagement, outliers and Opportunities at risk, so you can allocate the right resources to the right places.

By depending on your data, tracking engagement and identifying risks ahead of time, you can successfully impact your bottom line.

To find out more about how Ebsta can help your company improve forecasting and increase your win rate, please get in touch.


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