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The Benefits of our Salesforce Calendar Sync


Sync Calendar Updates & Automatic Sync

Ebsta’s Salesforce Calendar Sync ensures that whenever events are added or edited in Salesforce, Google Calendar or Outlook the changes are reflected across all platforms.

– Sync every 5 minutes
– Set and forget


Advanced Calendar Sync

Ebsta’s highly intelligent calendar sync fully supports:

– Time Zones
– Recurring Events
– Deleted Events
– Private Events
– Matching Attendees to Salesforce Records


Two-way Calendar Sync

– From your work calendar (Google, Outlook, Office 365) to Salesforce
– From Salesforce to your work calendar (Google, Outlook, 365)
– Sync both ways
– Added, Edited or Deleted Events will automatically update


Access on Any Device

Ebsta’s automatic Salesforce calendar sync ensures your calendar is up-to-date, whether you’re accessing it through iCal, Google Calendar App, aCalendar, Android Calendar, or any other calendar app.

The Best Calendar Sync for Salesforce

Once installed, you can select which calendars you want to sync from Google Calendar, Outlook and Office 365 to Salesforce and vice versa. Once set up, Ebsta’s Salesforce Calendar Sync works like a dream in the background. Unlike other Calendar Sync tools for Salesforce, Ebsta’s advanced Calendar Sync can manage multiple calendars syncing, time zones, recurring events, updating and deleting events and more.


The calendar sync between Gmail and Salesforce is an absolute life-saver – having the ability to have all my events in one clear and concise calendar has made everything 10x easier. As well as being reliable, it’s hugely easy to use – I’ve never missed a meeting since!

Our sales teams have A LOT going on which means it’s hard to keep track of all the different meetings and calls they have scheduled. The calendar sync ensures everything is stored successfully in Salesforce and our sales team can determine exactly what’s going on.

James Gasteen
CEO/Founder Precursive


Ebsta provides an incredibly smooth route to linking emails from Gmail with account/contact/opportunity activity. In addition, it is an easy sync between Salesforce and our Google calendars.

We pay for very few Salesforce add-ins. However, this is one add-in that we have prioritized as high enough to bite the bullet and pay for! It just makes logging email activity into Salesforce so simple! In addition, we couldn’t do without a calendar sync between Salesforce and Google Calendar.

Catherine Stoker
Independent Education Consultants


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