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Automatically Sync your Calendars with Salesforce

Ebsta’s used by thousands of users everyday to seamlessly sync meetings between Salesforce and their Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar or Office 365 Calendar. Automatically capture 100% of all calendar event activity against matching Contacts, Leads and Accounts without users having to manually log anything.

Advanced Salesforce Calendar Sync

Ebsta syncs events between Salesforce and Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar or Office 365 Calendar every 5 minutes. It’s advanced matching logic also supports time zones, recurring events, deleted events and private events. You’re also able to choose whether you want Ebsta to sync from Salesforce to your work calendar, from your work calendar to Salesforce or to sync both ways.

Drastically Improve Reporting Accuracy

Automatically capturing all calendar activity gives you better insight into your team’s activity and their engagement with Leads, Contacts and Accounts. Understanding true activity levels will forecasts and empower you to make more effective decisions with better data.

The Power of Salesforce inside Gmail

Ebsta’s #1 rated Chrome Extension seamlessly integrates Gmail and Salesforce. Sync emails and calendars, track emails, build personalised cadences, send later, meeting scheduler and more… Find out more.

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