Salesforce Data Quality

Top 5 Highlights From Dreamforce 2019

With 171,000 registered attendees, 2,700 different sessions and 13 million online viewers, Dreamforce was back with a bang in 2019. Here are our the top 5 highlights from the event: 1 – Einstein Can Now Talk To You Salesforce are jumping on the voice train… Einstein, their general AI engine can now receive audio commands and respond with data pulled from the CRM: In a live demo during the opening keynote, Chief Scientist Richard Socher calls a car rental business to extend his rental over the weekend. Einstein was able to answer (as the customer support assistant for the car…

5 Top Salesforce Data Quality Hacks to Clean Your Org

If you want to get scared, take a minute to learn about the amount of revenues that your business could lose due to poor data. IBM estimates that dirty data costs the U.S. economy more than $3 trillion every year.

Salesforce Data Quality Series: Sales Forecasting

A sales forecast is used to predict what a team, team member, or entire business will sell during a specific timeframe (e.g., daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.)

Salesforce Data Quality Series: Sales Onboarding

To say that technology is a key component of sales onboarding is an understatement. In fact, firms that are able to successfully combine technology and data at critical points during the onboarding process are, on average,��57%��more efficient at sales.

Salesforce Data Quality Series: Sales Rep Churn

How Sales Churn Impacts… Sales
Customer retention is hinged on the customer experience.

6 Free Things You Can Do In Salesforce To Increase Your Data Quality

6 FREE Things You Can Do In Salesforce To Increase Your Data Quality

Is Salesforce Heading for a Data Crash?

This is much bigger than Salesforce.
It���s a question of whether cultural mismanagement of data is setting businesses up for a major fall?

The hot topic on everyones lips at Dreamforce is data quality?

B2B companies understand data quality is a foundation for success. Our business goals are packed with objectives like generating leads, building the pipeline, shortening sales cycles and reducing churn.

Salesforce Data Quality: 5 Shocking Stats

A customer relationship management��(CRM)��system��like Salesforce provides many benefits for sales, marketing, and service teams such as having a better ability to manage��a sales or leads pipeline, build a 360 degree view of each customer, and boost employee productivity.