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Email Sync

Automatically Sync Emails to Salesforce

Ebsta’s used by thousands of users everyday to seamlessly sync emails to Salesforce. Automatically capture 100% of all email activity against matching Contacts, Leads and Accounts without users having to manually log anything.

Automatically Sync Emails to Salesforce

Easy Configuration & Advanced Matching

It’s quick and easy to set-up Ebsta’s email sync with Administrator controls and support for Service Accounts. Ebsta’s unique advanced matching logic also gives you flexibility to configure everything to meet your exact requirements, including specifying particular search terms, support for custom Salesforce field and object support and blacklisting controls.

Drastically Improve Reporting Accuracy

Automatically capturing all email activity gives you better insight into your team’s activity and their engagement with Leads, Contacts and Accounts. Understanding true activity levels will forecasts and empower you to make more effective decisions with better data.

Historical Email Sync, Unlock your Company Network and Score Customer Engagement with Ebsta Team

Alternatively, Ebsta Team supercharges your email integration with Salesforce by including historical email communications to unlock your company network from email signatures belonging to contacts hidden within your business inboxes. Understand every relationship across your business and score the level of engagement to successfully nurture relationships and prioritise follow-ups. Find out more.

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